18 year old dating 15 year old illegal


If you are determined to continue to engage in sexual activity at far too young an age, I certainly hope you are protecting yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

That means he uses a condom AND you use birth control as well.

The age of consent in Iowa is actually somewhat unclear in the statues however it's either 14 or 16, so your BF is apparently safe from being charged with statutory rape.

HOWEVER that does not mean your mother can't take signficant action in your life if she does not care for your behavior.



I am really interested in dating an 18 year old boy soon to be 19 around the same time i will be 15. But I do have to tell you if he is 18 chances are he is sexualy active you dont know who hes had sex with, just ask him and make sure your okay with everything you too do although its illegal, it still happends.

i mean thats just asking for something bad to happen.

cause the girl being so young and niieve belives that he loves her when all he wants to do is get into her virgin panties Nope that's pretty wrong in my books.

It is really hard for us girls to find a guy that "suits" us when all guys my age act like they are 4. I am a 14 year old girl going to be 15 later on this year. I know its illegal to have sexual intercourse, but can we kiss? When you have a child that is 14 years old, then you can decide to let the child choose for herself. My parents dont know but obiouosly if you are able to tell them its for the best if you think they wouldent care everything just works out easyer insted of sneeking around.

I dont think she will really care once she knows him, but im not sure and i dont want to take the chances. I dont know if she will like it if we would go out you know? so what could happen with him if we would just go out? In Pa, according to the PA criminal statutes (Tiltle 18, Chapter 31, subchapter B, 3122.1..in case you need to read it for yourself) statutory sexual assault is committed when a person engages in sexual activity (notice it does not say sexual intercourse) with a person under the age of 16, and the perpetrator is 4 or more years older than the victim. If you are smart, you will NOT put him in this position. to start out im 14 just turned 14 in september and ive dated an 18, 19 year old and curently dating a 17 year old and I love him to death.

Do you think its right that a 22 year old is dating a 15 year old highschool student?



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